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Hey Everyone!

The Creative Station “monthlyish” newsletter is back and full of information and resources for school leaders.

I hope the first week back in the building was fruitful. Rest assured that you have access to everything you need to make the year great for your school community and yourself.

Beginning of the School Year Gems from LH

Lead with kindness. You need the team of adults you lead to work hard for the kids. If you are unkind, they will be too.

Be clear about your expectations. People can’t do what they don’t understand.

Give relevant feedback often. People improve when they know precisely what they are doing well and what they need to improve.

Remember that data comes in many forms. You must know your students, staff, and families well to serve them effectively.

Know that what you do makes a difference. The decisions you make are consequential, so be brave, forward-thinking, and evaluate the impact of your actions.

As always, I’m here to support you. So reach out if you need me.



Quote of the Month

“Better and oops than a what if.” -Anonymous

What We Are Reading (and Listening to on Audible and


Data isn't only test scores. Learn how to get to know your students and community better.

Business Application in Education

Measure what Matters by John Doerr

Learn how to create clear objectives and outcomes to track your progress.

Tools We Are Using

Evidence for ESSA K-12 research-based programs for improvement. So you can really mean it when you say "research-based."

ClickUp Project management and communication tool. The tool can be used to track projects, share documents, and more through integrations with Google, Slack, etc.

Organizations You Should Know About

Attendance Works resources for proactive attendance. Share with your Parent Coordinator, Community Coordinators, and attendance teams. Attendance is a key indicator of the culture and climate in your school.

Be sure to forward this email to someone who you think can use the information.

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