Developing Your Most Valuable Resource

Professional learning is about building on our experiences to create new knowledge that is actionable and impactful. Our professional development sessions are customized to meet the diverse the needs of your learning community.  

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”-Maya Angelou

Computer Learning
In the Classroom



Expert Designers and Facilitators of Adult Learning

We provide custom designed professional learning workshops for teachers, leaders and families.  You share your needs and our expert facilitators will work with you to design interactive sessions that make learning stick.  Past workshop topics include: ​

  • Cultivating a Learning Community

  • Learning Walks & Instructional Rounds

  • Vision Boarding for Success

  • Classroom Environments that Work

  • Planning & Preparation for Diverse Needs

  • Developing Strong Home-School Partnerships

For more information about our workshops and scheduling please contact us using the link below.


Remote Learning Tips at Your Fingertips 24/7

As NYC residents we are keenly aware of how Covid-19 has turned education upside down. Some students returned to school buildings today but remote learning will be around in various forms for almost all NYC public school students.   Families are in need of support to ensure that children learn and thrive while we weather this storm. 

Our Education & Advocacy Conference is designed to help families build their remote learning "toolkits".  It is 100% virtual and accessible on demand with workshops on academics, wellness, technology and advocacy.